Leith Conference


The Leith Conference brought local people, organisations and businesses together to jointly identify key issues affecting life, for better and worse in Leith, and to agree priorities for future action.

As part of the Making Places Programme, the issues discussed were drawn from a wide body of research on the area, including plans and manifestos from across the board, alongside recent and ongoing consultation with residents and community groups.

Several items of community research have been highlighted as part of this process. This includes a range of reference material, such as:


Incorporating this research, alongside the other significant plans for the area, into one document we produced an infographic, the Leith Pulse, downloadable here.


Day One of the Leith Conference worked to address the Top Ten hot topics, as below. Each area has been ordered in terms of priority and linked to a range of discussion points made on the day, as detailed.


In addition, a data release was made by the City of Edinburgh Council:

This was supported by data extracted from the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (2016), downloadable here.


Day Two of the Leith Conference was about getting our voices heard and learning from examples of best practice.

Alongside the need for greater accessibility and space for unheard voices, several cross cutting themes from Day One were identified, as below, and with further details here.

The room chose to focus on three key conversations, as highlighted.


For further details of next steps, how to join in or to have your say about where Leith goes from here, contact info@leithcreative.org

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Thanks to James Trimble for permission to reproduce the SIMD maps above.