About the Project

Leith Creative is an independent place-based network of local residents, cultural and community and organisations.

Founded by Duncan Bremner, from Citizen Curator SCIO, and Morvern Cunningham, from LeithLate, Leith Creative’s initial mapping project began in 2014 with a desire to better understand the broad range of cultural resources and creative industries active in the area.

By 2015, the reserch had identified Leith as a unique area of concentrated activity, with nine creative hubs, eleven supporting cultural assets and four local and national festivals – alongside a conservative estimate of almost 1150 creative individuals and organisations.

Building on this research and network, in 2017 Leith Creative brought a wider community together to talk about the future of the area. The People and Places programme spoke with over 2500 residents, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who identified some of Leith’s many Assets, alongside the key Challenges facing the area.

Through 18 core events, and an additional 30 supporting activities, the programme highlighted five Action Areas as priorities for change for local people.

Our forthcoming Making Places programme has been developed in response to these findings.

Since the autumn of 2018, Leith Creative has been led by Duncan Bremner and is supported in its development by a voluntary steering group of local residents.

Leith Creative currently sits under Citizen Curator for its fundraising and governance. Citizen Curator is a Scottish Chartable Incorporated Organisation.