About the Project

In 2017, Leith Creative was awarded funding from the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland to run a series of creative interventions and round-table discussions with the people of Leith, asking them what their future vision of the area would be.

Leith Creative worked with citizens and communities in Leith to explore how to enhance the area through creative thinking in the “People and Places – Make Leith Better” project. Leith Creative is delivered by Morvern Cunningham of LeithLate and Duncan Bremner of Citizen Curator.

Working in equal partnership with the community and others with a stake in the wellbeing of the vibrant and diverse port of Leith, Leith Creative draws on its talented and committed network to use design and creative thinking as a way to exchange knowledge, solve problems and jointly arrive at a future vision for Leith.

This innovative programme that combines committed citizen engagement and community knowledge with skills and thinking in culture, creativity, planning, funding and the built environment, was supported by the Scottish Government’s Design Charrettes Fund and Open Project Funding from Creative Scotland.

The project will took place between April and September 2017 across a series of community clusters in the Leith area comprising:

  • A community wide events programme, engaging individual residents and groups through, talks, walks, engagement events and discussions
  • A series of online and social media engagement strands
  • Research and development meetings
  • Round table workshops focusing of citizen knowledge to empower local people to fully participate in the design process

As part of the “People and Places – Make Leith Better” project, Leith Creative worked with the following partners to engage with local Leith communities over a variety of events and activities that took place throughout June-August 2017, culminating in a 2-day community conference at the Kirkgate Community Centre:

  • Here + Now are a team of landscape architects, designers and photographers, offering co-design tools and solutions for landscape architecture. Our aim is to put people at the heart of place & design, reconnecting communities with a sense of belonging.
  • Lateral North are a research & design collective based in Glasgow working with community groups, creative professionals and institutions at a local, national and international level, looking to redefine who we are.
  • Biomorphis is an architecture & design practice dedicated to a sensitive approach to architecture based on affordable systems, sustainability and art.

Leith Creative began in 2015 as a cultural mapping research project into the creative communities of Leith. Leith Creative is co-delivered by Citizen Curator and LeithLate, two cultural organisations working in and around the local Leith area. The research conducted served as an initial benchmark and foundation of understanding of the creative activity in Leith. In addition, a report was produced that made a number of recommendations, including the need for affordable studio provision for the creative industries, and for a mid-sized multi-purpose venue in the area.